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Pronunciation and Accent Training Workshop (One-Day Workshop)

is an ideal format for small to medium-size groups to learn and practice sounds, intonation, and other speech features that will maximize the ability to speak American English and be understood. This interactive workshop will cover the 10 most important features that contribute to clearly, spoken American English.  Read More

Complimentary Lunch ‘n Learn

Spend lunch time learning about accent improvement and communication skills training programs and hearing about the rewards you’ll gain from improved communication skills. Invite supervisors and employees to explore the possibilities for training and how improved communication skills can make a difference in your job performance and the company’s bottom line.

Call us to put aside an hour from your busy schedule to learn more about Lunch n’ Learn sessions. Contact us at 305-663-0943;; or by sending a request from our Contact Us page.

Pronunciation/Accent Improvement Training

The primary goal of an English pronunciation/accent improvement program is clear, effective speech. This oral communication program focuses on individual speech features which distort and diminish speech intelligibility including intonation, word stress, pitch, articulation, and rate.

Call for a discussion of your goals and to schedule an assessment of your needs. Contact us at 305-663-0943;; or by sending a request from our Contact Us page.

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