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Pronunciation and Accent Training Workshop (One-Day Workshop)

is an ideal format for small to medium-size groups to learn and practice sounds, intonation, and other speech features that will maximize the ability to speak American English and be understood. This interactive workshop will cover the 10 most important features that contribute to clearly, spoken American English. Topics to be covered include

  • Assessing your pronunciation skills and set goals
  • Using vocal articulators (tongue, lips, teeth, mouth, soft palate and breath stream) to clearly pronounce English consonant sounds
  • Identifying and practicing the 15 American English vowel sounds using tongue and lip movements
  • Using word stress and sentence stress to modify an accent
  • Using American speech melody (intonation) for meaning and expressive nuance
  • Linking words together for more fluent and native English
  • Not letting spelling get in the way of good pronunciation
  • Developing and maintaining a list of key workplace vocabulary words
  • Continuing to improve your pronunciation and attaining the goals you have set for more understandable speech

If you are experiencing communication errors because of mispronunciation, but don’t know how to begin modifying your speech. The Pronunciation and Accent Training Workshop will bring a new awareness of, not only what contributes to clearly spoken American English, but what you can do to begin speaking English with greater clarity and confidence.

One-on-One Executive Coaching for Communications Skills (24-32 hours)

One-on-One Coaching is often the most cost-effective and meaningful way to improve communication skills and achieve specific professional results. A coaching program is a customized training format that not only targets specific goals, but addresses a variety of communication skills including, but not limited to the following:

Speaking Skills

  • Pronunciation and Accent
  • Fluency and connected speech
  • Presentation Skills

Listening Skills

  • Listening attentively
  • Responding with purpose
  • Connecting with your speaker

Writing Skills

  • Business writing formats
  • Stylistic techniques
  • Grammar/usage/tone

A One-on-One-Coaching program consists of regular hourly sessions that include formal and informal assessments of English language proficiency and communications skills followed by a customized program. Regular assessments of progress are made and participants are instructed on how to make direct applications to workplace performance.

One-on-One Coaching is responsive to the individual’s needs and workplace structure. It provides a flexible learning environment and the ability to align the coaching initiative with business goals. The participant benefits from the professional expertise of an instructor’s one-on-one attention to developing the communication skills necessary to attain performance goals and objectives.

Some of the benefits of a one -on-one coaching program are:

  • Adaptation to the individual workplace
  • One-on- one instruction with an emphasis on individual learning styles
  • Immediate feedback with constructive instruction
  • Observation and analysis of current performance and behavior
  • Self-paced program that suits individual progress
  • Learning delivery, retention and implementation on the job
  • Resources to advance further professional development

Excellent communication skills and personal success are increasingly interdependent. For middle and senior level managers as well as company owners, a one-on-one coaching program for communication skills can make or break your success as a leader, collaborator on teams, in customer relationships, and in negotiations.

Accent Workshop for C-level Executives

(Half-day workshop) addresses the more sophisticated language skills of managers with the primary goal of clear, understandable managerial communication. Pronunciation and accent training is presented in a low risk environment to promote self-awareness, skill mastery, language resources, and continued independent improvement. A sampling of topics to be covered includes:
  • Slowing down and holding on to important words
  • Practicing the essential consonant sounds at the end of words
  • Learning the importance and use of word stress
  • Using intonation for communicative nuance and intention
  • Focusing your communication with words and phrasing

Clear Speech Workshop (Half-day Workshop)

Clear Speech Workshop is an intense practice workshop that will help boost your oral communication skills for a specific speech or media interview. How you say something matters just as much as what you say. This workshop will help you master the delivery features of a dynamic presentation.

  • Speech rate and volume
  • Articulation and pronunciation
  • Grammar and usage; phrasing and emphasis
  • Body language and gestures.
  • Video monitoring and audio recording
  • Practice strategies will help you get ready to shine for this very important performance!

The workshop is guaranteed to help you polish your presentation and make sure that you speak clearly and confidently.